3 Ways Your Fire Detection & Warning System Could Land You in Jail

It’s critical to have a fire detection and warning system in place so staff know when to evacuate as soon as possible in case of emergency. The exact requirements depend on the type of building and the type of work undertaken in the premises.

It’s the Responsible Person’s role to get this sorted – with the possibility of fines, job loss and jail sentences if the system is not up to scratch.

Fire Detection & Warning System Installations

Do you remember when your system was installed? Do you even remember who did it? And if they were qualified?

There’s a common misconception that all you need is a competent electrician in order to install complex fire detection systems. Yet, an electrician is just an electrician, if they don’t have the relevant accreditation in Fire Safety, they’re not fit to install your fire alarm system!

Quick fix: Make sure you choose an accredited installer, so you can prove you’ve done everything in your power to ensure the installed system is adequate for your needs.

Testing Your System

Regular testing should never be overlooked. If you forget just that once and the Fire Alarm System fails, then you could be left in some seriously hot water.

Quick Fix:  Keep to a regular testing routine.

Maintenance Is Vital

Maintaining your Fire Safety Systems is as important as getting them installed in the first place. Forgetting maintenance is setting yourself up for accepting responsibility when your system goes wrong.

Quick Fix: Schedule regular maintenance visits for your system and record them appropriately in your logbook.

Not just anyone can maintain your system though…

The best thing you can do to fulfil your duty of care as the Responsible Person is to use an accredited Fire Security company. Doing so will ensure your fire detection warning system is fit for purpose and compliant with all legislation.

It could save your job or even the possibility of a prison sentence!